Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to boycott International Women's Day & think about Local Women..

No, don't get me wrong.. I'm not against fact I'm very much pro-women..and i think Women are equal..that's why i never disrespect any women by letting them get into the bus before me during the rush hour.. i expect them to push their way inside ,like i do most of the time.. and why should i give preference to women first before boarding and put them in shame? like i said before, I'm an equal rights guy! 

Anyway, that's irrelevant, whats important is that today marks the International Women's Day and the papers are full of b.s articles, supplements and adverts on it.. even Milinda Mora' has his say about Women's rights ..but may be i missed it but haven't seen anything from Duminda Silva no women but i assume he being a guy who thinks about us the people all the time, he must be marking women's day in a classy way!

So, lest get to the business..whats the big deal about International Women's Day anyway? its OK to mark Women's day .. it should be everyday..but well ,since we can't do it every day , I'm happy we are more practical and end up marking just a day..(thank god for that!!!) 

Point is, why a Day for International Women?? why are we being told to mark today as the day for International Women, whilst we have our own local women??? Local Women not good? no?

Come on ,give me a break.. this is bad.. unfair and I'm wondering why Wimal Weerawansa is damn quite about this.. where is Nimalka Fernando and Sunila Abeysekara? matter of fact, where the f. is Sunila these days? I'm sure she is not dead.. oh , as for Nimalka.. she must be twice the sad git nowdays with the decimation of the LTTE.. if you ask her ,she'll tell you LTTE was one of the best when comes to honoring Women's rights! anyway, Nimalka must be feeling lajjai after the defeat for doing nothing to stop the end of the LTTE and now being a total recluse..or may be she must be at Hilton Hotel today..having cocktails and marking the International Women's Day with her USAID and other International Doners.. talking about the plight of the rural women! 

So, in the end Suddha has his way and is marking a day for International Women ,while our fine local women will just have to deal with the Duminda Silva and Thilanga Sumathipala campaign..and Etisalat's free SMS.

Anyway, I'm calling a boycott, for one it being a day to mark International Women and not Local Women and two for the fact that soon more than 500,000 or more women in this country will lose their livelihood..and some even their lives due to the withdrawal of GSP+ facility! yes, in the end, West especially European States will have their revenge on Government of Sri Lanka by cutting down the GSP+ for defeating the LTTE, but its the poor women of this country who will suffer.. but then , its okay.. majority of these women i gather are Sinhalese, so who cares.. 

Sinhalese are not supposed to have rights! so no one will talk about them..and no one will talk about the plight of the women in and associated with the Garments Industry in Sri Lanka who will end up losing their livelihoods soon!

So happy International Women's Day!!! NOT

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Anonymous said...

mona hutthakda mey? women ae ment to be whores born with a pussy to get our POLLA inside and sceam like "Aiya Sidana Sidanna"