Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Old Suddha Boss Lose Job, Calls for Elections..Dr. Myrvyn to lead the GoSL Independent Elections Observer group in UK Elections

Was watching BBC today and after watching Gordon Browns car or his motorcade talking the road to the Buckingham Palace live for good ten minutes and then i had enough and switched to Fashion TV..and by the grace of Minister Bogollagama, the great Emissary of the benevolent Government to the foreign courts far and near, i started enjoying watching TV.. 

Anyway, its happy to see that good ol' Suddha is going for a General Election..i want to see the end of Gordon Brownrigg and his Suku Kolla  and our lord Governor-General of Sri Lanka Hon.Mili-Banda ..and i want see an end to UK being a terror sponsoring state..vis a vis a Sponsor of LTTE terrorism and Separatism.

For that matter, I've decided to send Dr. Myrvyn Silva as a eminent Elections Observer to represent Democratic and Constitutional Rights of UK citizens on behalf of Sri Lankan Govt and also as a Campaign Manager for Conservative Party.

One might ask why i want Dr. Mervin to go and help the Suddha at this crucial juncture in Sri Lanka but let me remind you it was Dr. Murvyn Silva who defeated the LTTE conspiracy in Italy and thus saved Italy from the LTTE's Eeelamist hoards when he went single handedly while in Rome and assaulted and intimidated a group of Sri Lankan Tamils doing their bit to save the Thalaivar during the last days of  2008.that was before Prabhakaran, the dear leader of the Eeelamist Tamil Diaspora met his Nandikadaal.

So, enough with all the backside history of the War in Sri Lanka (its over anyway..) and lets join hand in congratulating Dr. Mervin for his endeavor and commitment to protecting Democracy in UK.


Magerata said...

Thousand Thankfuls for reminding me of the Governor General Milibanda! This is great. I wrote about Milibanda but I used the wrong name Miliband.
You know Milibandas themselves will thank Dr.Mervin because if they lose, they will have enough time to peruse sexual remedies on twitter! Both the brothers.
Milibanda, I am still laughing and giggling!
Good one.

Anonymous said...

Get your English right mate!

Mano said...

hah..Gov.Gen Milibanda...wicked!!!!
question:how many joints did ya have while jotting this post?