Thursday, February 14, 2013

Panties and Suspenders Down..Its Today (And I'm Back Too..)

Dear All of the Sri Lankan Bogspear!! remember me? your beloved Ooorumiyaa is back and as always.. i stage a return on the best day of the year, Valentines day.. (well, not to count MR's B'day..that too is important...) .

So its Valentines day today and at this time of year it can be difficult to know the protocol..the day when many young people skip classes and head out to MC ,LP and Crescat and many other joints, hip and not so hip with their better halves , not so better halves and not so sure better halves and halves that they want to make better and some others,with fulls that they secretly want to make halves and better too...

Bloody 'ell.. even the JVP's into celebrating Valentines day ( funny ,Valentines day was a Pagen practice that the Romans took over and then the Church took it over and now.. its Mr.Somawana and Mr.Tilvin and Mr.Lalkantha taking it over.. whats next? or rather, who's next Halaal Council? ) and I'm not so sure why MR has so far stayed away from appointing a Minister of Love... now imagine that? i mean, come on...if we can have a Ministry of Crab (thats Kakkutta Emathi in Sinhala) , Ministry of Suger ( it'll be Peni Emathi in Sinhala) why not we have a Ministry of Love?

In the Absence of a Ministry of Love to proclaim all lovers in SL will receive Rs.200 worth of free calls and texts and other perks ,I Declare Today To Be The Day We The People In Love, Pull Panties,Bras and Suspenders Down And Down With The Elastic That Tights Us Down And Enjoy The Love And Freedom We Deserve!! (there you go...the statement by me, in the absence of a Ministry of Love...)

Enough with all this Love related rhetoric.. whats important is that you make sure whoever you love today gets something it a FaceBook 'like' or a dirty text or may be a visit out to some dodgy rooms by the hour place and hey. ..let the love take over... ; while you want to avoid FM radio station cliches, St.Valentine will not forbid if your other half ( the better half)  is the only one in her class (or Office/School/Camp,/Bank/Station/Bus or NGO to name a few locations where one can have a lover...)  not to receive gifts/texts/emails and flowers (depending on your current financial condition and provided your not having issues with liquidity...) on today the 14th of  February.

Thankfully, you can get her (him too but thats not my subject, if you know what i mean!) some cool Victoria Secret (btw, check this video ) stuff or Amante line of works.. after all even on a day like this.., its important to defy gravity as we all know... Love is in the air not on the ground...but remember and and try not to forget my proclamation too!

Have a great Valentines day dear all and make love like the Bonobo (Monkey)  and get laid like there is no tomorrow!

Just one other minor detail..if you were recently (or not so recently) dumped... then, do get on with the spirit of the day and grab the initiative to wish you former lover : happy Valentines day, you jerk! ( a text message will do...)

Also pls refer to some advice on planning ( V Day Wiki as some nerds and turds would say..) and how-to's,..  here...all thanks to GQ

In addition to that... you can also read my older posts on and old glory days.. spoiler alert.. bit boring's 2008 and 2011 wonder what happened to of 2009/2010..


Anonymous said...

do people read this shit?

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